Virtual Workshops

Book your  Virtual Workshop with Pine & Co! We are now hosting Virtual Workshops from birthday parties, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, corporate events, team building, sport teams, girls night, fundraisers, etc. Pick a date that works for your group and choose from our variety of signs.
  • Virtual Workshops require a $50 deposit. The deposit is refunded once you have the minimum* of 4 orders. *order minimum due by sign due date (a week before the workshop)
  • Our signs start at $30 and go up based on size and additions (personalization, frames, custom fees, etc). 
  • We provide everything that you need to complete your sign. Each guest can pick their own sign and choose from our many paint colors. 

How does a virtual workshop work?

  • Choose the date that you'd like for your Private Virtual Workshop and contact us below. You can find our available dates for workshops here. We are available 7 days a week for Workshops with the exception of already scheduled Workshops as shown on our calendar. Weeknight workshops are available in the evening (6p-9p) and weekend times vary.
  • Once you reserve your date and pay the deposit (You can make the deposit here) you will receive an email with a custom link to your workshop. There are no refunds if you decide to reschedule or cancel your workshop.  Minimum guests - 4  Maximum - 40. With 15 guests signed up by the order due date the hostess will receive a sign credit (up to $35)
  • Send out that party link to all of your guests so that they can register and choose their design. We have tons of designs to choose from. Each guest will need to register at least one week in advance of the workshop.
  • We will contact guests about no contact sign delivery (Free Local delivery). 
  • Virtual workshops will take place online using the Zoom App.

 Can't meet the 4 minimum for our Private Virtual Workshop? Sign up for one of our Virtual Pop Up Workshops. In our busy season (Sept-Dec) please make sure to have your guests register early to make sure we don't sell out!


Please contact us to schedule your virtual workshop.