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North X South Charcuterie Boards

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North X South Charcuterie Boards

These boards are available now  

These are custom made charcuterie boards.

Board A (fishtail) is made from walnut and is approximately 15.5” x 6” with a usable space of 13” x 6”

Board B (wine handle) is made from walnut & hickory and is approximately 14.5” x 5” with a usable space of 11” x 5”

Board C (TWO AVAILABLE) is made from walnut & oak and is approximately 8.5” x 5”

CUSTOM BOARDS are available. You can choose from walnut, oak, hickory, cherry, maple, pine & more for your custom board. We also have multiple designs available. Please contact us on Instagram (northxsouthwoodworking) to discuss your custom order. 

This item can be shipped. Shipping will be calculated and charged separately. There are NO REFUNDS on the charcuterie boards.