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Pine and Co.

Rustic Stovetop Tray

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Rustic Stovetop Tray
PERSONALIZED OPTIONS AVAILABLE - When placing the order for this sign, be sure to leave a note with the Name/Initial and est. date that you want.
Price includes the handles (handles may vary based on availability).
  • 22 x 30 $85

Personalization is extra. Can upgrade to Pallet Boards.

Size shown is the only size this sign is available in. 

ALL colors of the tray will be chosen at the workshop.


This item is not a cutting board, just a stove cover. 

It is not fireproof. Please make sure that the stovetop is cool before placing the board on top. It is made of wood. Wood will warp when placed on heat & burn. If this board warps or gets burned,  due to heat, a new one will not be issued.

Can be used on stoves with burners and flat tops.

This sign can be found under these categories: Wedding Gift, Personalized, Monogram, Home

To sign up for this tray, find your workshop.

To have this tray made for you, please send an email to We will contact you about color choices and invoice you.